That Time Unbounce Stopped Posting for 2 Weeks… And Scored 700 New Leads

In my kitchen I have a poster that reads, “SLOW DOWN.”


It’s a simple reminder, but one that I need constantly. Walk more slowly. Stop and appreciate the simple things. Take a break and call your mom.

We live in an era of high-speed internet and keyboard shortcuts and push(y) notifications and instant gratification. Even our food is expected to be fast – slap a patty on the bun and get the customer their order as quickly as possible.

Sometimes, content creation can feel a little like that: pump out piece after piece. Slap on a lead gen form. Run the reports. Rinse and repeat until you grow old and gray.


Of course, there isn’t anything inherently wrong with being a productive content producer! <img src="×72/1f4aa.png&quot; alt="


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