The Motivation Habit

Chris Brogan out ruckingI just got back from a half hour of rucking (which is hiking around with a backpack full of weight – in my case, 55 lbs). I’ve been doing this almost daily for three weeks straight, heading into my fourth. The training I’m working on has eight weeks of this in the menu before I get back to “regular” weight lifting. For whatever reason, I’ve found rucking to be the most consistent fitness effort I’ve ever put forth. It has me thinking about habits and motivation. This is important to your business and ownership pursuits. I’ll talk you through it.

The Motivation Habit

Yesterday’s newsletter (Do you get my newsletter?) was about the fact that motivation takes work, and that it must be assigned to you by yourself to carry on your missions and efforts. If you’ve read anything about motivation and willpower, however, you’ll know that they’re kind of the weaker links in our ability to get more done. Habits are the power player.

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