Why Startup Marketers Need to Find Their Tribe

“I’m so glad to hear this. I’ve literally been pulling my hair out trying to get all of these systems to work together, and I didn’t know everyone else was, too.”

I’m not sure who said that at our marketing meet-up yesterday, but I remember the statement because it could have been said by any of us. We all have conflicting data points, we’re all trying to get all of our systems to connect to each other in real time, and we’re all pining for the day that full marketing stack automation becomes a reality.

But that’s not the point of the story. The point is the comradery.

Everyone at the table belongs to a startup of 100 people or less. We’re all part of marketing teams that you can count on your hand. We’re balancing brand, demandgen and process. And we love sharing ideas because we’re communicators.

This was the True Ventures marketing meetup in the Bay Area. But an investor is not the only place to find this tribe. If you’re a startup, you could find other marketing leads by:

  1. Researching local companies of the same series stage
  2. Joining the customer advisory board for a system that you rely on
  3. Rally around a tech hub office space
  4. Organize through your LinkedIn profile using location & company size
  5. Approach company partners, resellers, vendors and service extensions to see if they are facing similar challenges

All it takes is a few sailors of the same boat to remind you about true north and get the best ideas rolling — ones that are much more likely to work in your context than analyst reports or Fortune 500 studies..

About the Author: Maura Ginty is the VP of Marketing at Kissmetrics.


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