The Most Creative Ideas Fail Without Strategy – Content Pros Podcast with Jason Falls

Jason Falls is the Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy at Elasticity, a digital marketing and public relations firm. He calls himself a digital-era Don Draper, but I’m not sure if he keeps a bottle of bourbon no more than an arm’s length away, like the original Mad Man.

Jason’s recent move from Café Press to their agency gives him an interesting perspective on creating content. With every project or campaign, Jason says someone has to clearly be in charge. His recommendation is that it should be the decision maker on the brand side. He even says that now that he’s on the agency side.

On this episode of Content Pros, Jason shares a couple of key things to remember, whether the content is long or short. And they relate to a couple my favorite things about content marketing: strategy and metrics.

Keep sight of the overall strategy. Don’t get so enamored with tactical executions and ideas that you forget what the overall strategy is. Get everyone on board, top to bottom. “There should be triggers in place to make sure that everyone is pointed in the same direction.”

Plan your measurements of success from the start. Set the expectations of the metrics before you talk tactics. And you need to focus on more than just brand awareness. You always need to build in conversion points so people can click or download or buy. This will make your campaigns more successful and will give you a better answer to the ROI question.

Also hear Jason’s thoughts on the great content quality versus quantity debate.

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