When it Comes to Mobile Content Not Much Beats the Power of SMS

Anytime you can throw out a marketing statistic with 90% attached to it, you know it's something worth noting. This particular statistic should not only make you sit up and notice but it very well may cause you to rethink your current mobile marketing strategy for if SMS is not in your mobile marketing arsenal currently, it probably should be.

90% of SMS messages are opened and read within the first 90 seconds of receipt

That's a pretty telling statistic I would say, wouldn't you? It comes from our recently-released Modern Marketing Essentials Guide to Mobile Marketing, which identifies the 5 key things marketers need to know when it comes to Mobile Marketing including the need to deliver personalized marketing experiences.

And one way to do just that is via SMS.

To quote the Guide itself: "In recent years, mobile SMS marketing has pushed forward to become one of the most desirable forms of marketing available. The number of people with cell phones capable of texting has grown rapidly in the past few years and so it makes sense that texting is swiftly becoming the best way to reach a customer. The low cost and flexibility make it great for businesses, while its ability to deliver offers instantly leaves customers wanting more."

In other words, regardless if whether your customer or prospect has a smartphone, they more than likely have SMS/text capability on their cell phone.

As to how SMS stacks up against other marketing channels/tools, in this case email:

Now, this is not to say that email marketing is not viable of course. It's all about integration and multi-channel and reaching your consumers on the right channels at the right time with the right content.

There are many more roads to explore when you decide to go all in on going mobile. You just need to start that engine and get moving.

And the first thing to do is download the Modern Marketing Essentials Guide to Mobile Marketing – today!


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