Marketing Maturity: How Do You Stack Up?

As an Advisor with the Oracle Marketing Cloud Success Program, I get to talk to a lot of marketers about their challenges, goals, and how they measure effectiveness. What surprises me is how often the conversation turns to something like this: “So… how are we doing?” “How do we stack up against other marketers?” “Are we heading in the right direction?”

Those, my friends, are very good questions.

In truth, many marketers don’t know how they’re doing. Yes, they may be delivering fantastic work. They may be generating leads, supporting their sales teams and developing creative content that reinforces their products and services. But the challenge many marketers face is that in the vast world of marketing platforms and channels with seemingly endless possibilities, how can they know if they’re maximizing and making the best use of all the tools and resources that are available?

Did You Know?

  • A study conducted by Forrester Consulting revealed that most companies are in the process of evolving their marketing practices, but only 11% of those surveyed scored well enough to be considered modern marketers? That’s a pretty interesting find!
  • And in that same study, Forrester also found that companies that have a high level of marketing maturity tend to grow revenue faster and enjoy greater market share than their less sophisticated peers.

This definitely indicates to me that marketing maturity has a positive impact on business results, and it’s no wonder that question is always top of mind for many of you.

Aren’t you a tad curious to find out your marketing maturity level? I have to say, it’s a pretty eye opening experience for many marketers.

If you are interested in finding out your marketing maturity level, we have a Modern Marketing Assessment tool designed to help you identify strengths and gaps in your marketing processes.

How does it work?

The Modern Marketing Assessment is an online engagement where you’ll answer a series of questions about your current marketing practices. The assessment asks questions across 11 marketing disciplines, divided into three categories: Marketing Competencies, Marketing Enablers, and Marketing Evaluators. At the end of the assessment you’ll receive scores for each category, as well as recommendations on focus areas. One of our experienced Marketing Advisors will help you determine next steps based on your individual results.

If you want to get started, request to have a Modern Marketing Assessment today! Also see our full menu of services that are available at no cost to Oracle Marketing Cloud customers.

Editor's Note: Today's post comes courtesy of Greg Huckabee. Greg brings over 15 years of marketing experience to his role as a Advisor with the Oracle Marketing Cloud Success Program. With roots in direct mail and traditional marketing channels, Greg enjoys working with marketers to help them realize possibilities as they apply a vast array of tools to their marketing programs. With practical and real-world experience, Greg strives to bring sensible and actionable recommendations to customers, no matter where they are in their modern marketing journey. Connect with Greg on LinkedIn


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